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[SCREENSHOTS] Vorovskoy Mir

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"Met someone around Little Moscow. Decided I'd hear him out."



"I agreed to work with him and his pals. For now he's the only one I know about. We went down and had a Talk with...the Black Devils down the street."





"Once done, we went off for a drive. I got myself some new clothes...and a haircut and trim. The Miracles of hair growth. We also got food."






"After which we went our separate ways for now and I went to my house...to consider things."






"Life seems to throw a lot in my way...but yeah...it's time to sleep." He closes up the Journal and puts it to rest.



((So yea I sorta write this like a Journal for the character. It fits him))


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Life is a complicated thing to handle... Especially when there is so much, and so little going at at the same time.

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