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Either Owlgaming became boring to me personally and I start noticing the flaws, or there are just a few new flaws. I've had so many unpleasant encounters with the adminteam recently, either personal or just by reading things like ck apps on the forums, that I don't feel like I belong on this server anymore. I guess playing the same game since 2014 gets a bit dull after a while either way.


Another reason, the same reason I quit the adminteam, is my education. I'm quite a lot behind on work I can easily do, if I hadn't spend a lot of time doing personal rp and helping with the rp of my fellow owlmates. I used to play Owlgaming for several hours a day and it actually seems to feel like a problem.


I love Owl, even though I don't agree with admin judgement and rules half of the time. (which is a personal problem) It's a big, long lasting community that provided me with close to 2000 hours of fun. And a lot of driving around in boredom in search for roleplay, which I mostly found withing an hour or two. I have uncountable memories on this server. Like if I think about it, it blows my mind. Also erp.


I might come looking once in a while, but I will not participate in any factions and I will fairly sell my properties so they don't remain unused.


Still looking forward to GTA V roleplay, though and I'll surely be active in that new project.


Thanks @awesomekaj, @Luigikuik, @fartacus, @Serx, @QueenC and the numerous other people of which I only remember the character names for the great times.

Also thanks to @EPICxNUTS for bringing me cars.

Also @QueenC mom gay.

Edit: And @SkylerFox, sorry for locking you in my basement for 2 weeks


I know this is the "Off topic" subforum but the departure one seems to have vanished, or never has never exited. No idea.

Plz no delet.

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Just now, Norm said:

no tag for me

good luck mate have a peaceful life

HAHA I tried @normy. The Saints was a blast, don't let it die tho

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