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John Morferd - Application

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Full Name: John Morferd

Date of Birth: 9th of August
, 1990.


Gender (Optional): Male

Your Home Address: 
City : Los Santos,Street Beverly Ave

Contact Number: 748-382

Desired Job Role: Janitor 

Why do you want to work for us? (50 words or more):
I want to work in Pizza Stack Company, because i love this job really, and to protect that place from thiefs, and to make money to help my family and live happily, and I think I am a person who is good and versed for this job.


Have you ever been convicted of a felony? (if Yes, Explain why): Nope.



OOC information


Forum Username:  gta

In-game Username: OsaidQattan

Screenshot of /history:


Signature to confirm that all information provided within this form is legitimate and truthful: John Morferd.

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The Well Stacked Pizza Co.




Dear Mister John Morferd,

Your submitted application for The Well Stacked Pizza Co. has been received and reviewed by the company managers. We are writing to you to regretfully inform you that your application has been DECLINED.


  • No available spots open for the desired job.

The Well Stacked Pizza Co, Management.


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