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[SoundCloud & YouTube] 1226 $neak - Nitro

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Y'all niggas do too much, all of y'all are fake
Pull up to your house and shoot you in your face
Leave the scene, never leave no trace
Load the chopper, blow out your brains
Bloody sheets niggas leavin' stains

We are fucking insane, leave a nigga in pain
Ridin' down the streets on my ATV
Knock you out and send you to sleep
You'll be dreaming, nigga countin' sheeps
Cold blooded, Ice in my veins
Bloody sheets niggas leavin' stains

Feds pull up behind me, I'mma do the dash
My wrist it be icy, I got hella cash
I got hella heat, nigga I got packs
Call me chief, nigga you are trash

Unload the clip in your direction
Niggas fake they actin', but I am really packin'
Catch a nigga lackin', empty my whole clip
Whatever you say, you a fuckin' bitch


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