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Character Kill Appeal - Justin Stars

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I agree with @George on the basis that because he did not want to purchase a insurance/protection policy, that automatically allows the faction to go for a CK, in this case I think that whomever had accepted to CK application should take a step back and look at the facts.


1: Justin did not threaten or harm any of the members at the time of the first meeting.

2: The faction had went for his business, spraying it with bullets to attempt to intimidate him.

3: The player who had shot at the two officers,  he claims he has full development to own,shoot and take not one but two lives

4: Is this actually how illegal factions are being run now? Being able to Ck someone for saying no thanks? 


[2018-10-15 22:51:48] [Output] : PM Sent to (4) Nikolai Kozlov: so its a toss character with no development?

[2018-10-15 22:51:59] [Output] : PM From (4) Nikolai Kozlov: well look at my hours, it had development
[2018-10-15 22:52:02] [Output] : PM From (4) Nikolai Kozlov: but he is rly new


This next bit claims that the shooter had been uncaring to life, to an extend claiming that his character has no regard for life itself. 

[2018-10-15 22:53:51] [Output] : Nikolai Kozlov: (( lol ))
[2018-10-15 22:53:58] [Output] : Nikolai Kozlov: (( brian was just obstacle ))


I know from personal experience, on my other character Rakeem Holt,  I had done 70+ hours of development to even feel the need to hold a firearm, 

it took after being shot to even be able to hold a gun, let alone have such the good aim to be able to hold a long firearm with one hand whilst turning, and keeping steady aim of the gun, not accidently dropping it, or have any sort of RP of before, saying that he may be anxious or may be double thinking himself in the situation. I would request that Nikolai Kozlov should post the development he says that he has. I think this entire CK application put onto Justin Stars is Ludacris, and should be revoked.





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Hello everyone, 


If you are not directly involved in this do not comment on this Character Kill

please be patient, keep the  comments on the appeal civil and refrain from commenting if you’re not a part of this particular situation.

And wait on me to solve this as I’ll be the handling admin. 


Sincerely QueenC 

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The CK appeal got solved in UCP tickets so I'll just briefly say something here.

Due to the situaion being poorly executed both characters got Un-CKed and the situation voided.

Sincerecly QueenC

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