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Michelle Douhrer - Application

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The Well Stacked Pizza Co - Job Application Form
Thank you for showing your interest in joining The Well Stacked Pizza Co.
Once you have completed the form, please post it here: Completed Application Forms



IC Applicant information



Full Name: Michelle Douhrer

Date of Birth: 12-03-1996


Gender (Optional): Yes

Your Home Address: #1 Glendale Street

Contact Number: 875070

Desired Job Role: Anything


Why do you want to work for us? (50 words or more): I like pizza, I like working with pizza, I like giving other people pizza, I like receiving money for said pizza, I like pizza, I would inject pizza into my bloodstream if I were physically able to. I would literally take over the state of Los Santos to ensure that every citizen receives free pizza. Pizza.

Have you ever been convicted of a felony? (if Yes, Explain why): No



OOC information


Forum Username: Croozerdog

In-game Username: Croozerdog

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The Well Stacked Pizza Co.




Dear Michelle Douhrer,

Your submitted application for The Well Stacked Pizza Co. has been received and reviewed by the company managers. We are writing to you to regretfully inform you that your application has been DECLINED.


  • The application doesn't meet our standards, feel free to submit a new application. 

R. Moreno,
Chief Executive Officer,
The Well Stacked Pizza Co.


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