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Unarmed Security Company Contract

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Unarmed Security Contract - Saint Ernest Medical Center




SEMC South is seeking private firms to pursue a Unarmed Security Contract with our facility, including the following job functions:

  • Maintaining at least one staff member on premises at all times ((Whenever hospital staff are online))
  • Maintaining at least two staff members on premises during peak hours
  • Maintaining a calm, professional demeaner with patients and families
  • Professionally maintaining all situations
  • Maintaining a working relationship with local external law enforcement.
  • Screening all persons entering the hospital, particularly the Emergency Department.
  • Maintaining hospital policies on firearms, tobacco, animals, etc.
  • Following HIPAA rules and regulations.
  • Performing other hospitality tasks as designated.
  • Alert police to all crimes and incidents.


The ideal candidate firm:

  • Has a good and strong reputation
  • Has a standing history in the area
  • Is willing to prioritize the hospital over other contracts if the situation arises
  • Has at least four employees able to cycle shifts on site.


The hospital will provide:

  • Access to the hospital break room and staff lounge
  • Access to a locker room.
  • Access to a security golf kart.


Interested candidate companies should email Chairman of the Board Ethan Wilson, MD at ewilson@semc.edu (( PM @bartman )) with their offers. The candidate offering the best service for the least cost will be selected.

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