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[Internet Advertisement] Seeking Stock or Modified Lamborghini/Ferrari Branded Vehicles

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(( While scrolling through sites such as Craigslist or Lamborghini / Ferrari and other exotic car owners forums, you'd likely find the following thread. ))



I'm looking to purchase myself a new toy for my collection. Budget isn't really an issue... 


Mostly looking for supercars and extremely luxurious car... Modified or not; however, I'll pay more for a nicely modified example...


Genuinely looking for a modified Lamborghini,

Maybe a UGR build?

Willing to completely overpay if you got one that's documented as being built by them...

(( Documented as in "... By UGR" in the name. ))

Doesn't have to be built by UGR, but if it's fast as fuck; I'm interested.


Also interested in one of them two beautiful Twin-Turbocharged Ferrari 458's that were in town a while back... They were amazing builds.

Dunno if they were wrecked or what...

(( Probably deleted by now. ))


Will potentially be importing a Huracan and then installing a UGR "X Version" Twin-Turbo kit on in the next two to three weeks, so if nobody has anything for sale; I'll continue with my build... It's gonna be a beast if I do it...



* There'd be a comment section on the article; however, it's heavily monitored by myself and the site's admins *

(( Admins, feel free to delete troll-like comments. ))

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