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[SAAN] Briefcase 3 is on the loose

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Briefcase 3 is on the loose

From the SAAN briefcase desk


I hid the briefcase a few days ago to see if people would find it without an announcement since I wasn't too sure about the spot. Luckily no one has found it yet so here is the announcement. The briefcase is hidden on a place I used to come all the time. The last briefcase was hidden next to the highway on the part from LS to Palomino. It was found not long after the second hint. It is true that hiding something in Los Santos County is actually pretty hard since it isn't that large to begin with. Anyway the hint for this one is that it is very fishy. Good luck hunting.


Take a picture of you and the briefcase on the spot where you found it. Send it to [email protected] ((forum PM)). Get invited to the SAAN HQ to collect your 10 grand.

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Name: K


Comment: Damn, I passed the brief case so many times then, thought it had hidden diseases so I didn't pick it up.

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16 hours ago, Luigikuik said:

Name: B.Dewitt

Comment: The Briefcase has been found. Good luck next week everyone.

mothafucker, as your head of security i want to win, give me 10 grand before i unsecure you and let many bad things which i have been preventing, such as someone trying to steal a pen from the reception desk, i work hard and i get nothing


Yours Faithfully,

Max L. Brookes.

Head of Security, ANAL SAAN

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