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[Mixing cocaine with other powders] - Discuss

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Want people to complain me after they find out that I mix baking soda with that cheap coke, brings good RP. +1

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Would have to make sure it'd be a bulletproof system, tho.. After you make 150 out of 100, if its still called ''Cocaine'', you can just report to another admin and make 200 out of 150 by adding 50 more? 
You could buy 2 kilos of baby laxatives, report 20 times, and at the end you got 2 kilos of ''Cocaine'' by item name lol.

I support the idea if its done correctly, tho.

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7 hours ago, croozerdog said:

Sure, but do keep track of people that have reported for the increase, so they don't do what @Snazzz said.


This is exactly what they would do back in 2017, and I've never heard of it ever being abused.


FT would approve, retrieve the cocaine, delete it, spawn one in with the new quantity, and note it down and I'm pretty sure when players abused the cocaine-mixing system, they would be blacklisted from all FT drug stuff such as virtual market.

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