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Cartel De Sinaloa - Compañía De Santos Todopoderosos

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On 10/6/2018 at 9:12 PM, Fuzion said:


Our doors are open if anyone is interested in joining the Almighty Saints, feel free to contact me myself Fuzion#6236, @QueenC Queenc#0200, @MrKosm0 Kosmo#0150 and @Kotromanich

Kotromanich#6492, and also @Norm  Normy#4564, since Normy is currently inactive for sometime, contact one of the rest via discord to guide you how to approach us and etc , keep in mind that we only accept people with High Standards, feel free to contact one of us for further information regarding the faction, we will be happy to answer your questions.


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Announcement: New faction leaders are @Fuzion and @QueenC. We wish them a lot of luck with leading the faction, bringing the activity back, and reviving the illegal roleplay.


Note for members who are interested into joining Almighty Saints 13: Feel free to message the duo (QueenC and Fuzion) and they will give you all the needed information about the faction.

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17 minutes ago, Norm said:

I was inactive due to my arrest in real life. I was arrested for a month. I will make an announcment soon. Thanks to the people who kept this faction alive while I was imprisoned.


Sorry to hear about that brotha, come back soon. I miss yo ass!

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