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Cartel De Sinaloa - Compañía De Santos Todopoderosos

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2019, March 27th


"Everyone is gone, my best friends, people I hanged out with... Even the business is dead and money is running low as well... Huh.

I hope Lando will pick up his phone... Of course if he's alive."


As the South Side Aztecas family went into the shadows, all the business and contacts were lost and stopped. Luis knew he had to do something and it wasn't right to leave everything like that. Calls were made to his close criminal friends and they met in secret location for a private meeting. After that night, La Ganancia organization was born.


La Ganancia




La Ganancia - organization that is mainly assembled to make profit from trafficking drugs. They don't limit themselves and also participates in dealing illegal goods and exporting them. Group was created in late March, 2019 when former leader of South Side Aztecas appeared again in Los Santos. Organization consists of ex-members from South Side Aztecas family and other Hispanic criminals. Group is only restrict to Latino-Americans.





you got this.

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22 minutes ago, SexyStakk said:

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Just don't defend yourself when the next Night of the Broken Taco occurs.

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Thread updated







After the cartel's existence slowly disappeared from the City, a few phone calls were made towards Pedro Cruz and Luis Trejo from Mexico, asking to continue their operations. After a long discussion between the top leaders Luis was approved to continue the activity in Los Santos. As Luis was cooperating with the Seville crew, they showed him the true power and potential they had. Luis took the chance and offered Patricio to work with him as one big organization. He used the chance that was given by Mexico criminal leaders.


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