Tuesday, August 14th, 2018.
Los Santos, SA 95249.
#1, Pershing Square. Telephone, 311.
Chief of Police Vincent Bishop, Office of the Chief.   LOS SANTOS: Early morning hours within the lobby of the Los Santos Police Department this Tuesday - change has finally happened to the blank wall that has met visitors and employees for months. The wall has long been planned to honor the fallen officers of the department, but seemingly never had anything done to it. The last few days Chief Vincent Bishop has worked hard to get the memorial wall done, and it can finally stand proudly and show off what it was meant to. Chief Bishop urges visitors in the lobby to pay their respects and take a moment by the wall and the Book of Honor.   The wall currently has 33 stars carved into the white marble, based on the documented line of duty deaths of fallen Los Santos Police Department employees since 2015. Chief Bishop states that only documented line of duty deaths has been placed within the book and carved into the wall, and advises anyone that may hold information of other fallen officers of the Department since 2015 to come forward with any information and contact the department so they can honor the fallen. Chief Bishop also states that the idea originally came from the CIA Memorial Wall and their Book of Honor; but stands by the fact that it's a great way to honor their fallen employees and gives all credit for the idea to the original. The architect that has designed the current lobby and interior of the police headquarters building was clearly instructed to make something similar fit on the wall, and it has finally been followed up. Following up on the wall and book themselves, they hold confirmed fallen employees of the Los Santos Police Department through the last few years - Chief Bishop refers to the Jane Marie Adams Public Servant Memorial building north on Saint Lawrence for honoring the entirety of the fallen law enforcement and public servant employees within the state.   The Book of Honor is locked within a steel frame and protected within it. Inside the book all the fallen officers are documented, as well as the year they died. Upon additional stars needing to be added, they will be carved into the wall as well as their names added to the book. In order to keep all names visible it has been stated that should it be needed - they will expand the pages and/or podium in order to properly show off and honor their names.   Pictures will follow below for the current setup.