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LSPD Special Operations Bureau

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Los Santos Police Department


The Special Operations Bureau (SOB) of the Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) serves to provide support to the Department's community-based policing efforts by deploying additional crime suppressing resources throughout the County. Assignments include the Special Weapons and Tactics Division, Canine Services Division, Detective Division and Air Support Division. Each division sees applicants undergo rigorous training to prepare for the various scenarios the Department comes to face on a day-to-day basis such as crime suppression, high-risk barricaded situations, stakeouts, warrant execution, assisting investigations, etc.


(( The idea of the Special Operations Bureau is to offer great realism to each of its members. Most divisions, more so SWAT than others, take huge inspiration from their LAPD counterpart to help bring an immersive and all-round enjoyable experience for the members of the divisions within the Special Operations Bureau. Suggestions and criticism can be forwarded to myself or the current active Special Operations Bureau Commanding Officer. ))


"Earn your reputation"

- 114 -

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Main topic updated completely. No longer solely a SWAT topic but rather a Special Operations Bureau topic for all divisions within to share screenshots.






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