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My mate Law, awesome stuff man.

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You won't need luck purely because I know for a fact you can pull this off. Need any help or anything whatsoever let me know. :)

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The Randall Foundation is now reaching out to the public for any volunteers that wish to help out during events or fundraisers. This is not a full-time or part-time position which allows all willing volunteers to have a flexible schedule. All volunteers must pass a state background check, which will be conducted at no expense to the volunteer.


We are currently looking for a small number of volunteers which have the ability to assist with future projects. During events, volunteers will be under the guidance of the Volunteer Coordinator, being able to follow simple tasks which will support the event. During fundraisers, volunteers may receive less guidance as they'll be encouraged to get involved with the public themselves.


Your dedication to the volunteer position will bring out the best in the experience and you will receive our sincere and eternal gratitude.


What you can expect:

  • Volunteers will receive the full induction/training necessary for the role (Good health and safety practice).
  • Volunteers will always receive the foundation's full support (Volunteer Coordinator, early notices, reimburse for out-of-pocket expenses, etc).
  • Volunteers will always be treated with our equal opportunities policy.
  • Volunteers will be recognised for their good deeds after meeting the agreed expectations, allowing them to be commended for an award.


What we expect:

  • Volunteers will follow the foundation's policies and procedures (Health and Safety standards, Confidentiality, etc).
  • Volunteers will meet the agreed expectations (Helping the staff and public during the events as agreed, turning off any distractions, etc).


To be recognised as a volunteer, please submit your full name and contact number via an email to rfoundation@ls.org ((Private Message @Law))


((Out of Character Information))


We would like to encourage new players to engage in our projects by attending events/fundraisers hosted by the Randall Foundation. To achieve this, you must use the information above to be recognised as a volunteer. Whilst earning money as a new player is important, developing your roleplay is crucial and we're willing to support that during these projects. If you volunteer and are not comfortable with engaging with a large audience, we will listen and we will do everything we can to help you develop those skills; helping you make In-Character contacts in the long run.


Every volunteer will receive the same opportunity to find a full-time or part-time position within the foundation. Usually starting with a Volunteer Coordinator if you're comfortable with helping other new players; whilst not having massive responsibilities.



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