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Faction Statuses

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Faction Statuses

The information laid out below has been posted in previous updates but is condensed here for your ease of viewing. An important requirement for any faction to receive support from the Faction Team is the submission of regular Faction Updates. This should be done through the use of the update form.





Incorporated, as the name implies, is a base level company for any group of friends starting a business. Incorporated will be available to any group of committed friends starting a business, with the following requirements/benefits:

  • CEO/Owner must have minimum 50 hours, 20 on the character applying. This is to ensure players will stay on the community and not leave and hold up a faction slot.
  • Must have three active members at the time of applying.
  • Must have a faction thread. No more requirement for how long it's up.
  • 5 interior slots, 5 vehicle slots (15 vehicle slots if a Dealership)
  • Incorporated status can be achieved via a public contact or being accepted as a Dealership via Vehicle Team.



Established maintains as before; with several weeks of confirmed activity, an active faction thread and updates, and several members, a legal faction can/will be updated to Established.

  • Granted after several weeks of continued activity with an active faction thread, five active members, and no incidents during the Incorporated phase.
  • Given 10 interior slots and 10 vehicle slots (again, 15 vehicle slots if dealership)
  • Custom interior and skin uploads.



After several months of continued activity and contributions to the community legal factions may be bumped to Official.

  • Must be active for several months with an active and detailed faction thread, ten active members, and a positive contribution to the community as a whole.
  • 10 interior slots and 15 vehicle slots.
  • Script support within reason
  • Subforum(s) under Legal Factions
  • Guidance/support from the Faction Team





The Standard faction is the most plentiful on the server. They are the groups that are created for various reasons at any given time. Many factions never make it past this point of inception.


With this being the most basic kind of faction, they are most easily identified by a simple faction thread being created. They have access to the general Virtual Markets. At this stage, the faction should be sending in regular updates through the Faction Update Form. Once every two weeks to a month is recommended. At this stage, they are totally dependant on higher factions for drugs and guns.



The Confirmed faction is one that has proved that it can weather the storm. They have shown an acceptable amount of dedication and willingness to operate in the server in an appropriate manner. They are considered to be journeymen in the illegal RP scene. Due to this, they have somehow distinguished themselves to various members of Faction Team.


Generally being confirmed requires at least a month of activity, though almost always quite a bit more, depending on the saturation of factions. This is when the illegal faction receives its F3, may have their faction topic featured in the illegal section and receive additional support such as access to otherwise restricted Virtual Markets (confirmed-faction VMs are a WIP) and they would receive drugs irregularly. At this stage, they would need to rely on an Established or Official Faction to get the bulk of their drugs and all guns.



The Established faction is one that has proved that they have both the ability to hold together a player group with grace, longevity, and pride. They are what the other factions below them should strive to be. An Established faction is one that has proved that they are worthy of investment and capable of serving the community at large in their craft.


A far longer time period of activity is required for this stage spanning across several months. Merely being active with a bunch of members who may be mediocre at this point is not enough. There's more scrutiny at this level. During this period, the faction thread is pinned, they have access to Established-level virtual markets (just like confirmed, this is a WIP) and they'd receive regular drops of drugs and irregular drops of guns. These types of factions are still heavily dependent on Official Factions for guns in most cases but can put a decent chunk of their roleplay into drugs if they wish with this regular supply. (drug RP is just one aspect of criminality of course!)



The Official factions are the benchmark for what a faction should be. They are large, subversive, and deeply ingrained in the fabric of the server’s illegal RP environment. As such, they are instrumental in the way that the illegal RP scene is structured and invaluable in its operation.


If Official is reached, the faction receives a subforum, receives perks such as free interiors more readily, and has regular gun and drug drops. This is the stage where whoever the Official Faction is, they must make an effort to get along with all other factions. In effect, they become the supplier for the rest of the criminal world to work on a pyramid. Official Factions supply everyone and are treated as a large organized enterprise capable of smuggling guns and drugs which in turn benefits the criminal world. Official Factions are required to have the highest levels of roleplay and due to their nature of being the head supplier, are limited in number. A good example of this was Khram and ESV when they as a Cartel and Organized Crime, they supplied the rest of the gangs and lower factions in tandem. Receiving Official, of course, takes many months as seen with RCM, Khram, and ESV.





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