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Faction Question


Which faction is better to choose? Like has active members on it and offers a good pay. Looking for innovative roleplay faction, tired of RS Haul. Also, No PD, please.


Thanks for taking the time to read and answering.

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It depends on what you wanna do.

There is BoTS if you wanna drive a tow truck. It is usually where most new players start to learn more about the server and role-playing.

I also think JGC has a lot of open positions.


Just check the legal organizations forum and see if you find anything that you think would fit you.


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Like Vader said, there is BoTS which is fun as a start. I myself continued in it. If you are interested in tow trucks and impounding vehicles, you can join us. ( www.st.owlgaming.net )


There is DPS & SEMC if you are interested in medics RP. 


There are also many jobs inside JGC such as insurance fidelity, Merryweather security ..etc 

visit their website to check available careers. ( www.jgcweb.net )


There is SAN if you like writing articles about city news and activities. 


There is Dinoco, SL Distribution, and more legal organizations. 


Choose what you want and will fit your character story and development.


Good luck!

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Department of Public Safety are recruiting I believe if you're interested in Medical or Firefighting roleplay.










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