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[SOLD] Residential - 1070 Central Ave, Los Santos, San Andreas

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  1070 Central Ave, Los Santos, San Andreas




Up for sale today is a residential property within the heart of the city. Just a two minutes walk from the Verona Mall, and both the hospital and Police Department a block away either side. This area is well populated and facilitated. The property itself contains a garage for around two cars, it's dependant on their sizing however. Within the property,  it contains a living area, kitchen and dining area, bathroom area and also a bedroom area. The property has recently been renovated and all the furniture is fairly new. I haven't been using the property to live in currently hence why it's going up for auction.


Please note that all images are taken by the old owner, but due to the quality of the pictures I decided to use them for now.

The only major changes from when the photos were taken are renovated wallpapers and floors, I have also had CCTVs installed inside of the property. 

Viewings are allowed if you want to check out the property before placing an offer.


To see the images click here.


Contact Information

*A "Contact Seller" button is visible; upon being clicked it would open up a new window allowing you to send a message to the seller.*


*There would be a comment section available, but all comments would be moderated by the OP and would have to be approved before being made public*


((Credits to @Jord for most of the topic, including the pictures))

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