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21 minutes ago, Radhwan said:

What I hear about your group of factions is that you have a certain level of professionalism that no one has ever reached before exceptmfor a select few factions. All I have seen from you guys is professional and realistic RP, your levels are just way higher then practically any other current factions, you don't show off your gun arsenal like ALL other factions do or have done, you just showcase the true meaning of Heavy RP on so many different levels, you should be receiving the most support in my eyes, you truly deserve to be the next Alpha faction, goodluck keep it up and never give up on this. It WILL go big.

Thank you, we really appreciate it. 

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I'd just like to toss out a little image that I threw together in photoshop in about the timespan of 5-10 minutes (hence the RIPE quality) which showcases what the formation of any possible rides should look like. This is how we envision the ride to go down, and this is how we will position ourselves in tomorrow's event once saddled up and on the road.



If you are planning on participating in the event tomorrow, and perhaps ride with the Psychos, Deranged Dozen and Road Devils, you are free to ask any questions in regards to the formation that is being utilized. Thank you for your time.

I actually hate having to be this polite, but sometimes a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.
Fuck my life.

Sincerely, the Psychos, Deranged Dozen and Road Devils motorcycle clubs.

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