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[StAN] One dead, one injured on Easter Sunday Club outings

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At 9 PM on Easter Sunday Club Tableau put this statement up; "We lost one of our own security members to a gunfight. His friends and family will not forget him. Bishop Pauls who was 25 years of age was gunned down in front of Tableau's doors as he defended innocent lives after a heated discussion came due to the man who wanted to enter the building without a CCWP. the unknown man who shot Bishop in cold blood was quickly apprehended by LSPD's finest at quick remark before he done anymore damage is being jailed for life after being charged and convicted. Stay safe!"


Club Tableau, which had its grand reopening today was ambushed as ATF and LSPD members swarmed the area after a man had been forcefully removed from the club by its security force. After being let go from a safe choke hold he reached for a firearm and shot upon the security officer. Helplessly he fell to the ground as ATF and LSPD had came across the scene. A further man was injured during the rage, another Blackhawk Security Officer but is believed to be in stable condition.




What once was a happy Easter Sunday soon turned bloody as barricades were put up surrounding the area for the public's own safety. Tableau owner and RPMF Blackhawk Security CEO Laura Ashcroft had this to say;


"Tonight my thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of a beloved work mate. His efforts and bravery as he stared down the barrel of a gun before his life was cruelly taken away from him will not disappear in vein. His mere act of honor towards this company and the nightclub to keep the people inside safe will never be forgotten. This monster, this thing that calls himself human will be prosecuted for his acts. In mere fact the club will reopen, only stronger with more security force this time around... and when it does, free entry will be granted to everyone who paid for general admission. For those who paid for VIP have all received their refunds; and I'd just like to apologize to everyone who has had to witness the horror that lined our streets this evening. I'd like for us all to come together in this time of need and to not let Bishop die for nothing, for no cause."


You can visit www.tableaunightlife.com to stay up to date on the activity of the police case against the gunman along with promotional offers and the reopening date for their next event.

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Name: jamal





After being let go from a safe choke hold he reached for a firearm and shot upon the security officer.



There's no fucking thing as a 'safe' choke hold. How much did Tableau pay you to make this bullshit article?


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