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Residential - 1732 N. Panopticon Ave.

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Los Santos Auction House - Residential


Property Type: Residential
Address: 1732 N. Panopticon Ave.
Description: Amazing property in the heart of Los Santos, located just across the street from ClubX. The property contains one bathroom,one bedroom, a living area combined with dinning area and kitchen. It also has a storage room to store all the necessary stuff you've got.
The garage is huge and it fits up to over twenty vehicles (tested).
The building is basically unfinished as only half of it is used, the other half is empty, as I moved before I got the chance to finish the other half.
((basically only half of the building is used on the custom map)). The living interior was renovated not too long ago.
The building is protected with 24/7 monitoring cameras all around the place, house alarms and motion sensor. On the side of the building there is a small gate that hides up to two vehicles, the area is also accessable from the inside of the house.

Exterior Images:

Interior Images:

Starting Bid: $175,000
Minimum Increase: $5,000
Buyout: $250,000
Auction ends: 28/03/2018
Contact Information: will be given to the winner.

((OOC&IC Comments Disabled.))

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