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Character Kill Appeal - Doni Provacci

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I'll be handling this CK appeal. And, I'd like to point out that there's -zero- similarity between this situation and that of the aforementioned CK appeal of 'Wade Reynolds'. As in your narrative you started to shout right after the police and SWAT were at the door-step and stuff, and then started speaking another language which arouses suspicions anyway. So, right here, if the robber tells you or not to, if I'm being held at gunpoint or someone's holding me hostage I wouldn't just start singing songs and stuff and not expect retaliation.


It's all very clear that you wanted to make yourself noticed and your presence noticed to the cops that came by which is pretty much disregarding as you're shouting right in-front of a person robbing you and the police at the door-step where the robber would want you to be quiet, it's common sense. 


So, I'll be denying this CK appeal, and your character is to remain character-killed.

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