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Politics? Anyone's reaction to the California Lawsuit?

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I do not live in the US, but while I live in Europe, I still pay attention to what's going on over there because it gives a certain clue about what's happening in our world. And where we are heading.

I think some of the people that are so against immigration (the legal immigrants that aren't criminals apart from their illegal stay) need to keep in mind these people may come from a different part of the world (let's add Syrians and what we are facing in Europe recently) - they seem to remember there are many 'parts of the world' when they mention how their world is theirs and how other people aren't welcome. But I think they forget it's the same world when they see the divide in living situation and how much of a hell hole other parts of the world can be.


I agree with the screening of immigrants to evaluate if there is a place in your nation for them, to find out if they are a threat to national security. I do not support fully open borders. But what I do support, is the ability to immigrate to another part of the world with the desire to create a better life for yourself - if you are a decent human being, or show improvements and the ability to be productive. That is going to be the future - the immigration - for many reasons. We have seen people relocating themselves because of war for many years now. We have seen people relocating themselves because of disasters once in a while - but what you need to keep in mind is the climate change, rising sea levels and the inability to maintain a food production to satisfy the need for our growing population. Things will happen in the future and I believe countries that are better off need to prioritize a proper system for immigration. Not just for the people that will need to move, but for themselves - the countries - to improve the integration, lower crime rate, and raise the productivity. Maybe not literally; but when Amena, Burhan and Aseel knock on our door here in Europe - we need to take them in. Because if we close our borders and ask them to turn away and they have nowhere to go, we will collide in one way or another.


Same goes for America - when María, José and Fernando knock on your door and have nowhere else to go, they will enter even if you close your borders and ask them to leave, if they have nowhere else to go for various reasons. Collisions and conflicts will happen.


Therefore I think it's better that we use this time around now to better our immigration policy, perfect a method to integrate and preserve culture, while still remaining friendly - because if you think immigration will cease and eventually stop in the near future, you'll be disappointed.

(Maybe this was off topic, but I wanted to share a few words on immigration because I am a part of a political party (try to guess which one - win a cookie!) in my own country, and I engage in discussions like these relatively often.)

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7 hours ago, ThatGuy said:

I love when people try to act super serious and emulate real life in their role play and take criminal aspects or law enforcement very seriously but when someone out of character brings up politics, they get shit on by the same people who are serious about other topics, or they troll. How do they expect people to emulate a world around them through role play if they don't understand the real world and discuss it?

Understandable from that point of view even though I didn't diminish the intent of this thread whatsoever, however my observation like many of the reviews in here from a variety of members, was that it already became heated within the first couple of comments. I like to at least try and be an arbitrator in such discussions and I suppose I have this expectation for everybody else too even if I'm not contributing, or at least for people to transcribe their opinion without it getting heated.


I feel a political discussion is lost when somebodies feelings comes into play, because it then renders it biased and you're unable to mediate in this situation which again I feel is absolutely necessary to understand a multitude of point of views.


TL;DR: Sorry for the jimmy rustling, just shared my thoughts.

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they're contributing members of society. immigrants, legal and illegal, are backbone pillars of american socioeconomic landscape. sanctuary cities understand that altruistic need to protect those who are the makeup of their citizens. it's a tricky subject, one with no right answer. there are a lot of narratives pushed for and against, but historically immigrants of both status have fueled nations with the sustenance of growth. ive had a lot of arguments here specifically in regards to trump and his erroneous push for uber-nationalism in a country that was built for and with inclusivity in mind. 


On 3/9/2018 at 11:01 AM, GamerX27 said:

Have you heard of MS-13? MS-13 is a salvadorian gang from El Salvador, they bring MS-13 gang members from El Salvador, most gang leaders in MS-13 tell other members to bring their fellow members from El Salvador. DACA is fucking America up, taking away taxpayer dollars to keep living here. Same thing with the haitian earthquake survivors. Both them, and DACA immigrants are not paying their taxes. It's time for the Haitians to go back to their country, unless they apply for citizenship. 

you're propagandizing and marginalizing. first of all, DACA recipients are legal, they are issued a social security in which they pay taxes under. they pay taxes, state and federal, however, they do not reap from the same rewards a nationalized or born american does. you're confused. where you got your arguments against DACA is false narrative. you're 14, im sure your parents or someone around you is telling you this. i'll give you the benefit of the doubt here. do your own research. look at unbiased news, like NPR, and formulate -your- opinion, not of those who are selectively cherry picking facts for their narrative.



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15 hours ago, Gambit said:

When someone utilizes the use of chemical weapons and commits war crimes against his own people, I think it is America and those allied to the UN's obligation to react. I don't think we should be bombing them, my opinion lies with Ben Shapiro's on the matter of stopping Assad. This pertains to setting up a no fly zone, telling Russia to back off if this is put in place, funding/establishing refugee camps, and hopefully other countries which can fucking take these people actually do. I'm not going to fucking say let them all in, I care about the economy of America, I don't fucking agree with bombing them under these specific circumstances immediately, and I do think the other countries in the Middle East should be taking in more refugees. I don't want them to let everyone in and fucking dig America into a deeper hole regardless, but I'm not saying we should be bombing them either.


I do know what the fuck is going on, and I can form opinions no matter if I am in a "kushy little home" or not, just because I don't share an opinion with you entirely and just because I am not in these conditions doesn't mean my opinion doesn't make any fucking sense. Saying "screen your gang members, let those that are fleeing inside" in my opinion is fucking stupid, because they are affecting all of the other established taxpayers and are a PROBLEM. Why aren't you talking about the other Arab Gulf countries that won't fucking take them in? I'm sorry for having a more complex opinion regarding the country ITSELF which needs to fucking fix itself before it can or will fix other problems that other countries are unwilling to help with. And do remember, I don't AGREE with the bombings.


Look at Sweden, where the left pretends nothing is happening, and where the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention forms statistics on muggings, rape, and attempted murder, but not other forms of sexual assault or murder. Police reports also do not include indication whether the crimes committed are committed by immigrants or citizens. I'm not going to sit here and pretend that the crime in Sweden is not in correlation to the number of immigrants that they have given asylum to. People outside of the US who do not possess a green card or are not a US citizen do not have a RIGHT to enter the country, they are just random fucking people. People are calling for unvetted people from Yemen to come into America without family members regardless of their application? Fuck off, and play by America's rules.


I don't know when America has bombed someone for weeks because of an attack by someone who is simply an immigrant, and if it has happened, I don't fucking condone it either and haven't said that I condone it. It still is a problem when it comes from the country we live in, who condones mass shootings? They are sent to jail, for example, the Parkland Shooter, I think he needed to have been killed when the situation was carried out, and that he had to have been BARRED access from a weapons license before this was even carried out due to his state and several incidents with police officers. I am not going to delve further into that topic, but what the fuck do you want them to do? Bomb his hometown?

There's absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Assad has ever used chemical weapons against his own people. This narrative has been flying around since the beginning of the conflict and every time it has been debunked and shown that these weapons were used by the FSA and other CIA-backed extremist groups. And you saying that it's our obligation to get involved in foreign conflicts as Americans? You aren't American. Who are you to tell me that my nation is obligated to go overthrow a secular government with Zionists and Jihadis? We don't serve you.


"This pertains to setting up a no fly zone, telling Russia to back off if this is put in place..." Are you a Goddamn lunatic? ISIS is all but defeated thanks to Russia's involvement in assisting Assad's crusade throughout Syria along with Trump's increased airstrikes against them. Why would you want to setup a no flyzone, John McCain? If you set up a no-fly zone, you're backing the fact that if Russia disobeys this, their planes will be shot down, thus starting a war between Russia and America.


I'm quite disappointed that you're taking (((Ben Shapiro))) as a legitimate political figure when it comes to the matter of Syria. The same guy who identifies as a non-white Jew when it's convenient and a regular white man when it's convenient. He's expressed time and time again that he believes Americans should do whatever they can to serve Israel and expand its borders. Shapiro only wants Assad gone because Assad stands in the way of a Jewish dominated middle east. For years Assad has run a peaceful and secular government with no issues. Christians, Sunnis, Shiites, and other groups got along quite well. However, after the Arab Spring, which Ben Shapiro supported, the entire Middle East was destabilized by terrorists armed and backed by the Obama Administration.


This whole conflict has never been about freedom, only destabilization and Islamic religious radicalization. People care when the "Nazi Assad" accidentally kills a few civilians in an airstrike on the ISIS capital or when Russia furthers their ambitions in the region. But nobody cares when these "moderate rebels" which are mostly just former Al Qaeda fighters go and massacre a Christian village in Syria. They don't care when Israel strikes a Syrian checkpoint, allowing the rebels to move in an commit the massacre as well as alerting them to do so. Nobody cares when the IDF goes door to door just a few miles away, killing Arabs left and right because they are "God's chosen people".


It's simple, Israel wants to continue expanding its borders for the Jewish ethnostate as well as increase its power in the region. To do this, the Arab Spring was initiated, turning the peaceful nationalist and secular regimes in the area into absolute hellholes. This is a justification for Israel to increase presence and use military force in these neighboring countries which will in turn expand their influence. Of course they'll be supported by their Zionist Occupied Governments in NATO who will literally take it up the ass by Jews because of the alleged holocaust that they still feel sorry for. Convenient how the main man to make the call in the White House to preform the Syria strike was (((Jared Kushner))) and (((Ivanka))) presented the propaganda to him to toy with his emotions like the rats her and her husband are. Anyways, if you want to get rid of Assad just bend right on over because you're cucking for Israel. Assad is the last stand of Christianity and imperial tradition in the middle east and the only one trying to stand up against this Zionist plague.

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Late post probably, but I just wanted to say that I agree, they should just wait in line like everyone else. Just think of what the honest hardworking mexicans who wait years just to get into the U.S. feel about people cutting in line and making the situation worse for them while they try to come in legally (which is totally doable, I did it?)


This is a late post but I just was skimming the forums and I want to say that a lot of the reactions to this post were pretty stupid, not just because there were things that were just irrelevant like Zionism. Obviously to get someones opinion you have to ask them about something, how could you possibly know what someone is thinking unless you ask them about whatever the topic is? Apparently saying this on a "gaming" forum is stupid, but I guess if that's true then posting things like "Where are you from" or "What are you listening to?" aren't things you should ask about either because those don't have anything to do with gaming, those shouldn't matter. Some people just aren't fit to use logic.



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