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Would it be an advantage if you buy a shop ?

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I heard from most people I know that they own shops and of course each one is different than the other and as I ask them , they told me they earn good profit from it.


So...Probably pawn shops are the most kind of shops that earn good but if I thought of buying an ammunition shop , will it help to earn good?


what are the advantages and disadvantages of having a pawn and an ammunition shop?


How do people earn that much in a day ?


And last thing is about the location, like if am having a shop outside the main city (eg. Red country) I know it won't help earning but still is there is any chance of success?




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Depends on the location, probably not going to make as much money because most people go to the ones in Los Santos, primarily the one on Saint Laurence BLVD, all depends tbh. (How many people have tier 1 & 2, and where they purchase it)

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big advantage you earn around 10 million each day

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