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[BRATVA] Bratva Vostoka

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2 minutes ago, jonthulhu said:

The time has come for me to leave the faction and OwlGaming. Due to some changes in my life and sadly losing all motivation for roleplay, I have decided to hand the faction over to Zebulon. I've had a blast growing the Bratva into what it is now and I never expected it to be as successful as it is, so a massive thank you to everyone that has contributed to its success so far: @Zebulon @FAILCAKEZ @remolten @Devonshire @Ambidextrous @Kockata @Fallschirmjager @loggi @Dawkins 

And thank you to all of the new members who have shown an interest in what the faction has to offer. Also shout out to my Khram OGs @Ant @MissAnachronisms @LikeMike @Salsa and of course the God of Illegal Roleplay @LokiHavok. I'd like to wish the Bratva all of the success it deserves (I'm expecting to see an official thread up soon) and I'm excited to see what the future holds for it. I'm a little surprised to be leaving OG on such positive terms, but hey I'll take it.

God damn feels not now 😭

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Sad to see you go but life goes first, my friend. We've had a lot of fun since Khram OPG times, the journey has been huge and it seems an end from our parts has arrived. I'm happy to say the experience was probably the most interesting and ambitious in my RP times.


Agreed: Legends never die!

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