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Ban Appeal

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Hi there; I was banned in May 2017.. But I made a Ban Appeal on Support Centre 

It's my first time when I'm banned on a server / community .. That's okay what I do on the support center?


( Now the administrators can view my ban appeal? )


This is just a minor question, thank you for help!


Images : 



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After you have submitted your unban request then you just have to wait. There will be someone who signs on your ticket to handle it or then who banned you will handle your ticket.

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Just now, DylanW said:

@VladR0 the Ban-Appeal will be assigned to the banning Administrator if the Admin's resigned from the team, it'll be assigned to someone else to handle it.



@DylanW Okay, the ban appeal is assigned to the Weelawn. But my appeal is made well?

Okay-okay; Thank you guys !

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