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Name: Tim Cassidy

Comment: As a former officer from London, Ontario, Canada, I'd like to point out that it is not uncommon in these instances that a person might be released with no charges filed. When an agency detains someone, a record is kept of their interaction with the police, and that information could be useful in investigations in the future. It is a common occurance that we would forward information gathered from the interview with the individual to our intelligence section if it could be valuable in an ongoing investigation. just because someone is released from custody, does not mean the agency is done with them by any means

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Name: Tyquan
Comment: This clearly shows evidence that the police favor white people. The arrest brothas left and right, shoot even, but a nazi comes along throwing salutes and praising Hitler and all the sudden they coo'. Bullshit, I tell ya..

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Name: Murphy

Comment: We attempt to focus on rehabilitation and to educate the public for first time offenders.

2 hours ago, JohnM said:

Name: Dar

Comment: These niggas ain't getting arrested, but them "monkey hooligans" did. SMH



Comment: Oh you're full of yourself if that's what you think. The "monkey hooligans" were clearly carrying weapons, assaulted officers, and lead a major vehicle pursuit and one had priors to his record. 

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