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how does owl expect to maintain two servers when subjectively one isn't being run properly? i say subjectively as progress has been made since you've taken over. but in your mind, have you made enough process to say "time to expand". saw your offshoot community expansion topic and im wondering how that works. are you going to bring in more staff, are they going to share a hierarchy? gta v rp is dead and unstable and it always will be. gta v rp is going through what og went through in 2014. corrupt communities, limited tech, no support, and no infrastructure. thats a challenge within its self. i cant say i know how many concurrent you run on MTA but maintaining two communities, two infrastructures, two people ops, sounds like you've got a lot to chew. i always envisioned og has a multi-gaming community but truthfully, i can see it bogged down in the mire of stank that is operations. 


curious to hear your plan of action and how you as the owner of og see this happening. happy new years by the way.

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Will V be a fresh start, or will we be able to transfer some stats over? Maybe up to a certain amount? Will there be some 'startup' bonus for factions or such to transfer possibly, or will everyone be starting off exactly from scratch?

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