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Server Script Update (v6.2.2.9) | December, 2017

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Server Script Update (v6.2.2.9) | December, 2017




> Generic items are now using metadata to store information making it easy to change on the fly



> Custom Avatars now use Gravitar and allow unlimited changes

More details here: https://owlgaming.net/account/change-avatar/


> Christmas has landed in OwlGaming


Or head down to the mall for Christmas music, Santa and the coca-cola truck!


There are now three trees spread out in LS. Can you find the last one? Santa is giving out brand new items this year, try and collect them all!


> New blindfold icon



> Snowballs have been added!



> An all new UCP with support for V





Notable features

  • Major database refactoring in support of V
  • Custom Avatars now allow unlimited changes
  • Christmas has arrived!
    • Christmas music added to the Mall
    • 3 Christmas trees
    • Plenty of items to collect!
  • Texturable vehicle logos on:
    • News Van
    • News Maverick
    • Sweeper
    • Police Maverick
    • Trashmaster
    • Utility Truck
    • Cement Truck
    • Bulldozer
    • Bus
    • Coach
    • Dodo
    • Firetruck
    • Fire Ladder
    • Ambulance
  • New Ambulance mod
  • An all new UCP


  • Added a new alt>alt warning method
  • Interior check now shows players in the interior
  • Gloves are now shown on a players /look
  • IPB performance browser updated
  • More realistic plane fuel capacity
  • Added helmets to shops
  • Improved the exceptions to the snow shader
  • Added necessary weather exports for upcoming weather update
  • Improved image validation for item textures, height width and size are now checked.
  • More validation on the generic item spawner
  • Increased the Z limit for aircraft from 850 -> 20000
  • UCP URL changed for the API that sends emails
  • Minimum MTA version for admin system updated
  • Moved the /arrest locations
  • Changed the PD impound ped location
  • Clarified /sellproperty message on faction ints when bought with a token
  • Updated the elections script for the upcoming(now complete) elections
  • Badge changes from LSFD to DPS
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a warning with vehicle windows
  • Fixed cigarette right hand positioning (Unitts)
  • Fixed seatbelt icon showing when HUD is disabled (Unitts)
  • Fixed DMV windows duplicating if clicked more than once (Unitts)
  • Fixed faction vehicle inventories
  • Fixed job vehicle inventories not allowing players to retrieve items
  • Cleaned up some code from the old forums
  • Resolved a warning with bone_attach coroutines
  • Resolved a coroutine error in peds and elevators
  • Insurance script bug fixes
  • Fixed parking for faction trailers
  • Drag & Drop Fixes
  • Silence some debug warnings
  • Fixed restore veh option in /checkveh always showing
  • Fixed typo in "Settings" on the Phone UI
  • Fixed vehicle textures filename error
  • Fixed a bug with EQS sometimes not granting access when it should
  • Fixed lock/unlock bug when falling off of a bike
  • Fixes for consumable generics (food & drink)
  • Fixes for generic items overlay text in inventory




Server script version v6.1.8.5->v6.2.2.9
Kind regards,
- OwlGaming Community
- OwlGaming Scripting Team

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