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Need unban.

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So,in thast forum any admin doesn't reading my appeal,then I'm writting here.

I cant write in right section,sorry I'm writting here.
Sorry,I'm writting here becouse that ban session are bugged.Hello,yesterday my 10 day ban come off and I go online to server,I was talking to ts3 with my friends and I IG saw ad like ''grand opening ''(my language troll nick)'' I think what the hell is that becouse in that ad I been abussed by one 12 or 13 years old kid from another server,I think that is not fear and started searching him IG,ofc I cant find it and I write one ad to him,like grand opening ''club name was like''(Go back to school little Kaarlis,fuck off),that was in my language becouse I was pist off about that kid,then I get comeback in that ad,where that ucp : kaarlis was abusing me about pussy and all that,and then I logged off,then he was pming my friends whatsapp about that he stole our mp5,colt's,350 grams of cocaina and all that,we ignored him.Then I with that same friends go to play csgo,after couple rounds my friend get a message about that I am permbanned,wtf? That is so fear,if this appeal ofc doesnt admins belive me,please write bellow,if here can buy unban or what. + That was my third ban,I'm not that stuppid to get next ban in unban day.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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