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NYT | San Andreas Today: Thursday Night, at the Museum

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     18th of October, 2017


San Andreas Today: Thursday Night, at the Museum



Photograph of the main hall, military vehicle piece 


LOS SANTOS – Standing proudly in the first hall of the Los Santos County Government's latest and perhaps greatest (or rather, grandest) project, was a man lost in the world of art. On the wall before him hung one of the pieces in the exhibition he had put together, the colourful George Suerat work, "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte".

The painting, on loan from the Art Institute of Chicago, is just one of many paintings in the new museum's exhibition put together by Peter Bauer. Bauer is probably best known for his political work in the Los Santos County Government, particularly for his previous role as Commissioner of Public Works. But for the past month or so the District 2 Councilman has had a new focus. The putting together the first ever exhibit displayed in Los Santos’s “American Museum of National History”.


“Some of the paintings were purchased from various local artists, some are antiques”. -- Peter Bauer


But George Suerat and the works of many other painters aren’t the only thing the two and a half million dollar museum has to offer. Within the main hall is a section dedicated to history, both ancient and modern.



The location of the new museum, just off Soho Drive


While Los Santos has produced some major names within the music scene, it has lacked a diverse influential artistic scene. The city hasn't made a splash on the national consciousness for it’s artistic community like other major US cities such as New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco. Thomas Mengele, County Commissioner and the project's main backer as head of local government shared reflected on this a little when asked about future exhibitions.


"I aim to have multiple exhibits but that's a little… tough. Not many people in the art industry." -- Thomas Mengele


The museum will open tomorrow with a ceremony at around 5 PM. Two lecture halls and a room will serve the public and will no doubt used for school tours.


Los Santos has yet to have a Pollock or Warhol, but perhaps tomorrow evening’s opening will be the flare of inspiration for its upcoming generation of potential artists that the community needs.


San Andreas Today is a new feature covering goings on in San Andreas. Tell us what you want to see covered: [email protected]s.com (( @Mail )).


The San Andreas Today columnist, Jessica Law, is a New York native. She currently resides in Los Santos, San Andreas.





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