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What a long and strange trip it has been.

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It seems I cannot post my good-bye in the correct section. I believe it is because of others threatening to leave and calling out what they believe to be the downsides of Owl.


Anyway you go, I'm breaking one last rule, to which, will be my final good-bye to the Owl Gaming Community. 



To begin...


I have been apart of Owlgaming since May 23, 2015. During that time I went from Probationary Firefighter (Skipping Academy Student all together) to Fire Chief. I went from nothing to one of the only Trauma Surgeons in Owlgaming (That was registered. I did get a replacement as I knew I was leaving. Gratz to @Freebird) I was a leader in a new medical revolution, ASH/SEMC. I spent many hours weeks months years as a paramedic, making sure that any call I got while online was taken care of, @stevenaramos at my side 99% of the time.

I played a minor role in illegal RP, but had some fun doing so... robbing a few people of random items, stealing and stripping cars. The entire time I rarely dealt with cops.


I had a few fights with people during my stay on OG, to which, now that I look back seemed stupid. 


In all, I had fun. 


Many people are wondering why I am leaving Owlgaming. I can sit here and list many reasons, but the main reason is that I have grown up. In my real life, I have quit smoking cigarettes, obtained a new job, new girlfriend, started going to the gym almost everyday, and even found myself a new home. 


So, as of right now, I am going to list and thank the people I have recently been in contact that have changed my life and have had fun RPing with. If you do not make this list, do not fret... I can barely remember to take my lunch to work with me everyday.


Special Thanks to:

  • @stevenaramos We began in FD together, we lived in FD together, we ended in SEMC together. I couldn't ask for a better best friend in game and in real life.
  • @CraftyNZ We had some fun times together, breaking into people's homes to swim in their pools, dirt riding, and just chilling together. Hope we can still play GTA 5 together when I do get back into games, if I do.
  • @Lewis When I did roleplay with you, it was fun and interesting. Hope to catch you on the lighter side as well.
  • @bartman Great leader. SEMC is glorious due to you right now.
  • @Law Great leader as well. Had some fun RPs with you.
  • @Franco Although I fought with you on a few things, I do understand how it is to be FD Chief. I understand your under a lot of pressure and are very defensive about the FD. I felt the same way. Do not let haters and trolls tell you otherwise, you're keeping FD alive. Good job and good luck.
  • @Salsa If this is the correct Salsa, eat a dick. ... Kidding. Love you bro. Hope being an admin works out for you.
  • @Zebby Great Lawyer/Doctor/Cop/whateverelseyouroleplayedas. You are truely a very detailed roleplayer.
  • @Freebird Great Doctor. Wish I could have roleplayed with you some more.
  • @ititan Epic Paramedic. Hope you keep SEMC going strong with Bart.
  • @JuanTwoThree Fuck you fukboi. 
  • @Humour Great times RPing with you as well.
  • @Urshankov Great time roleplaying with you.
  • @Baker Good time roleplaying with you.
  • @Scooter Heil Hitler. 



To those who are not on this list, I've most likely RP'ed with you and had fun. I am most likely not coming back. I might jump on every blue moon to RP with friends but for the most part, I have moved on. 


Good luck to all. It's been fun!

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I have never seen you but you seem like a decent person.
Good luck in real life. Make the most of it. :)

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Departures were removed, so that's why you couldn't find the section.


You're meant to make a status update or send a PM out to the people you want to say farewell to. 


so locked 

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