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[SOLD] Residential - #5, Western Avenue

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Los Santos Auction House - Residential


Property Type: Residential
Address: #5, Western Avenue
Description: This lovely 2 bedroom house sits on the main road between the LS Tunnels and Santa Maria Beach. It has a garage.

Exterior Images:



Interior Images:

Starting Bid: $40,000.
Minimum Increase: $1,000.
Buyout: $80,000.
Auction ends: 20/10/2017.
Contact Information: Will be given to the winner of the auction.

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9 hours ago, AKA said:


Comment:Can i check the property in person?

Name: Auctioneer.

Comment: Not really as I'm in and out of town these days which is why I'm selling my properties. However, I'll be available tonight and early tomorrow morning if you're able.

((Forum PM me as I'm literally only available tonight and tomorrow morning as I work in the night.))

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5 minutes ago, Renny said:

Does the auction not end when the server time hits 20/10/2017 as there's no specified time?

Yup, that means you won.  Feel free to E-Mail me when you're available to complete the transaction. ((Forum PM me.))

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