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Fletcher Calhoun

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Fletcher grew up in Ireland, the Monaghan county.

He started dealing pot and affiliating himself with crimes at the young age of 13.

He only had his mother and brother with him, as his father left him before he was born, they were unfortunately very poor, and they could've barely afforded anything other than food and rent.

Fletcher had found a way of earning money, and helping his mother and brother with moving out of the crime infested county.

Though the place of income worried his mother, he had secretly been mugging many elderly people and school classmates off of their lunch money, watches, wallets and anything he'd find the interest and possible value from.


He grew up with his brother Vincent, who had been born two years after him.

His brother Vincent hadn't affiliated himself with anything illegal, though, after several years of Fletcher convincing him it was the only profitable way of earning money, he had eventually agreed and joined him on the series of petty thefts and burglaries.

They had taught themselves how to hotwire cars, import them to a old folk where they'd earn money off of delivering the vehicles to him.



Vincent and Fletcher were in their twenties, when their mother unfortunately passed away, and they had to bury her, not hosting a funeral and attempting

to not express any sign of weakness from their loss. 

The only positive thing they could've thought of, is that they had one another, atleast..


They were known as the Calhoun Brothers, as they've both dropped out of high school and persisted in the life of crime and easy money.

They've collected enough money and decided to move into the state of San Andreas, more precisely; Los Santos.


Their story now continues..





Fletcher continued the criminalistic life style as his brother would've been out of the state, taking care of his own business in the Red County.

He meets himself with new challenges everyday, and adrenaline rushing situations.








Fletcher 'fetches' a brand new weapon.


















Fletcher meets himself with his brother in the county as they begin completing raids on local stores in San Andreas.

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