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The Chronicle of Khram OPG

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DISCLAIMER: This thread is not to be taken seriously, nor was it made to bash any member of the community. It's purpose is strictly for comedy.




Hi, I'm @Kevin, @Craazy's father and I'm here to tell you the story of a very special faction in Los Santos. @uzi95 was supposed to be here,

but I think he's dead. Anyway, @Craazy came out of my penis and now he made this.







@Neems @ToastyBud @Serx @Wright @Poffy @Ted @LokiHavok @Stabby @remolten @Collis @ItzAlves @Law @Swanker @DrJoseEvil @Daabas @mahe @Kockata @Potato @Lemonade319 @Salsa @Hurley @Ant @Kalisto @ElMighty @LikeMike @jonthulhu @Zyph

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