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Club Revolve

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Club Revolve is one of the newest clubs to the Los Santos area, whose goal is to revive the nightlife in Los Santos and create a new, enjoyable social atmosphere for the citizens of Los Santos.


Club Revolve is founded by two friends since college, named Douglas Raines and Damian Murphy. After noticing that the nightlife and social interaction between individuals has recently dimmed down to a major low, they bought a property and set out to create the best club that Los Santos and its people have ever seen before. The two are new to this type of business, but are positive that they are able to create nothing that anyone has seen before.


Club Revolve and its founders does not want to just stay a general club that people go to, drink, then leave. It gets repetitive and boring. Club Revolve is setting out to do something different than the other clubs, with all sorts of events that will appeal to the people. 



Club Revolve is located at 1702, Pasadena Boulevard, Pershing Square. The location is rather central in Los Santos, in a well known area, so no one should have issues finding it.


Image of the exterior: 




Club Revolve is currently looking for people who are interested in getting paid a great amount per hour, and are experienced in their fields. If you are interested in working for Club Revolve, please direct yourself to this advertisement and file your application very soon! We are looking forward to working with the talented individuals of Los Santos, and we are excited to serve them on opening night.






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Interior Images: https://imgur.com/a/PE5Wo


Wondering what you can get with a VIP pass? Well, you get full access to the VIP lounge upstairs, where you get full service from the waiters. Once you ask a waiter for any type of drink of your choosing, the waiter will get it for you and you only have to pay HALF the price!


The club consists of not too many sections, just having the entrance area where security is posted, the bar, booths, dance floor and VIP area. The club is designed to be rather small, in order to keep social interaction the main priority. The issue with large clubs is that everyone is spread out, and ends up just leaving out of boredom because you can't see or interact with anyone. That's not the case with Club Revolve. It is guaranteed that when you walk into the club, that you will want to hop on the dance floor and lose yourself!

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