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Creating own Radio Station

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Hopefully, this is the right place to ask, I'm having real trouble creating my own radio station and getting it to work in the game.

Does anyone have an up to date guide or good radio hosting websites? I've tried following the old guides but they seem a bit out of date and can't find a decent host.


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I'm using the services at shoutca.st  they have a free plan which includes the following:



Free Plan

  • 50MB Auto DJ Storage
  • 2GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 30 Listeners
  • Centova Cast v3
  • SHOUTcast v2 or Icecast
  • 96KB/s Quality (max.)
  • Ticket Support



I know 30 listeners isn't a lot, and neither is the 50mb worth of songs, but lets be honest, its a free service, and unlike a lot of other hosts, this one as far as I know, allow's direct links to your stream, which you require if you want to listen in game.


The thing I like most though, is the 50mb limit. It forces you to replace old songs with new if you want to keep your station fresh and interesting.


If you are just starting off, and want something free (which is my situation exactly, never hosted a radio station before) this may be your best option :)

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