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Club Revolve - Looking for experienced workers!

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Club Revolve plans to open on October 14th, 2017. Although, the club cannot open without employees who know what they are doing and are willing to help, and give the best experience possible to those who want to contribute in reviving the nightlife.


With that, Club Revolve is asking for individuals who are experienced, and interested in the following jobs:


Bartender ($500/hour) - The bartender's job is to be behind the counter, making and serving drinks to those who approach the bar or by waiters taking requests from the VIP area.


Waiter ($300/hour) - The waiter's task is to take orders from those who purchased a VIP ticket and are in the VIP area. When someone asks for a drink to be served to them, the waiter does the task and delivers the money back to the bar.


Security ($650/hour) - Multiple security guards are needed in the club in order to maintain a non-hostile environment, and keep people who will disrupt others out of the club. A security guard's job may be staying posted at the metal detectors, patting down those who trigger the metal detector, or patrolling the club.


Armed Security ($750/hour) - The armed security guard's task is similar to the standard security guard, although the applicant must have a weapon's permit at the time of applying.



Before applying, be sure that you hold the experience and are sure that you're able to do the job. Our aim is to give the best experience to those who come to visit the club, and especially to create a new, enjoyable social atmosphere.



How to Apply


1. Copy the format below, and fill it out completely, and be sure to put in effort.

2. After completing the application, forward it in an e-mail to rain@wiz.sa ((JohnM))

3. Be patient, and wait for a reply.






Full Name:


Date of Birth:


Image of official ID (ex: San Andreas ID, Drivers License):


Position applying for:

Past experience in position applied for:

If you have no experience, explain why we should choose you (not required):

Other notes (not required):




Good luck to all applicants. Be prepared to revive the nightlife at Club Revolve.


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