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[LSPD Auction] 2011 Porsche Boxster [AP]

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Los Santos Police Department - Seized Vehicle Auction



Year: 2011
Make: Porsche
Model: Boxster
Mileage: 1564
VIN:  4423

Description: This auction is sanctioned by the Los Santos Police Department. All proceeds benefit the LSPD and improved safety for the citizens of Los Santos.



Starting Bid: $45000
Minimum Increase: $500
Buyout: N/A
Auction Ends: 15th of October 2017

Contact Info: #311 or comment below.





Contact Info:

Bid Amount: *The option to select "Buyout" would appear next to this, disabling the entry box if checked (( put 'Buyout' ))*








Auction Title Key

(AB) Awaiting Bids

(AP) Awaiting Payment

(PR) Payment Received - Awaiting Collection

(AE) Auction ended, vehicle sold.

(AC) Auction Canceled - Original owner claimed the vehicle.


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On 9.10.2017 at 10:22 AM, Summair said:

Name: Myers

Contact Info: 501650

Bid Amount: *Staring*


Congratulations, you have won the auction of the 2011 Porsche Boxster. 


Please transfer the $45,000 to the bank account of the Los Santos Police Department. After which call 311 and ask for the Commanding Officer of the Public Relations Division (PRD).  


Also please make sure to have proof of payment at hand when you collect the vehicle. (( Screenshot ))

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