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[Miscellaneous] - Making oG Social-Media actually decent? [Does this even belong in this suggestion page?]

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Script Suggestion


What would be the name of the script(s)?-

Making oG Social-Media actually decent? [Does this even belong in this suggestion page?]

What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?-

What is the suggestion?-
Basically we make Owls social media a bit like the character system where you make -ONE ACCOUNT- with your oG name which you can create multiple accounts off and when you sign in you just pick which characters account you want to use. Rather than making a separate account for every single character you want to have a account.

What are the advantages?-
No need to make multiple accounts under different emails.
Easier to manage all the profiles you have.
You only have to remember one password and one username not like 50? - If you say have 50 characters with accounts. (Ik no one has, I mean I don't even use oGs social-media and Ik this!)


What are the disadvantages?-

Lets be honest, minus the big one where everyones current accounts may be wiped out, there really isn't any. (Could be a way around this, feel free to suggest).

Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?-

How would you go about implementing this idea?-
By becoming the true high king of Skyrim.

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8 minutes ago, Chaos said:

You can use a temp email so i don't really know what you're complaining about.

Use a password manager if it's a real issue for you.

Psst I don't use it so it isn't really a issue. I just had a talk with someone about how stupid it was whiles bored and I thought I'd just make a suggestion!!!!!!!

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