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1969 Ford Mustang BOSS 429

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Los Santos Auction House - Vehicle





Year: 1969

Make: Ford
Model: Mustang BOSS 429
VIN: 2499
Mileage: 132 ((VT forgot to set??))




This is what dreams are made of.

Vehicle was bought off the BoTS auction about a month ago for $210,000.

Has been driven on the weekends, freshly painted in an attempt to get that factory Candy Red Apple look.


No clue what has been done to the vehicle by the previous owner, as it's quite fast for a car this age. Top speed is 131 mp/h, 211km/h









Starting Bid: $100,000
Minimum Increase: $1,000
Buyout $300,000




Auction ends: October 15, 2017 at 12:00
Contact Information will be given to the winner


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1 minute ago, Godverdomme said:

auction is already ended lmao. 

this bid is made 11.59 - 15/10/2017, use your eyes maggot.
as there aren't any other bids, it is le' winning.

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1 minute ago, Godverdomme said:

it ended on 15th at 12. That means 12AM. Not at noon. 

As there's no AM/PM added to the auction listing end date, it's noon. Military time. Get a life, yes?

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