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Efim Zaslavsky

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Efim Zalsavsky

Age: 34.

Ethnicity: White.

Country of Origin: Moscow, Russia.




Efim Zalsavsky, a Jewish individual who was born in Moscow, Russia. He was born in the same year as the "1983 cold war scare". Efim did not have a regular childhood, his father was not married to his mother and immediately left them once he knew that his mother was pregnant. His mother only had so little income and she had to combine between her job and her son. She'd leave her son with her neighbor Anfisa each time she goes to work, who was an elder woman. Anfisa was a great asset and a big help for Efim, she helped him in his young hood. Efim was slowly growing up and as his mother has to pay more expanses, and with the miserable condition they were living in, they were eventually evicted out due to his mother failing to pay their monthly rent.


A new journey begins, Efim's mother carries him and scouts through the flooded streets of Moscow, the clouds were churlish and kraken-cruel. Efim's only worry was her son, she'd cry as she enters unknown neighborhoods, unsure of what to do, she sits on the sidewalk underneath a small sign to cover her son from the rain, dearly covering him onto her. An elder man suddenly approaches the duo in his black leather jacket, he was wearing a black cap as well, his face could not be seen well in the stormy, yet dark weather. The man offered Efim's mother his hand to assist her, she was hesitant but her only concern was her son, she had to accept his offer. The man leads them towards his 1971 Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL, and proceeds to drive them to a small apartment he had. They settled in for the night, and woke up the next morning. His mother scouts the apartment which appears to be a middle-class one, she scoops the kitchen and finds a note on the table with a number written on it. She is a bit hesitant whether she should call it or not, she waits for a few minutes and gets herself busy making breakfast for Efim. She wakes him up to his breakfast, and looks at his eyes with a rather-worried look, thinking of every possibility that could put her away from her son. She calls the number, and a male in a muffled voice tells her to meet him at a specific place and clarified that she should only come alone. 


She exits the apartment after ensuring that Efim is satisfied in term of his needs and proceeds to lock the apartment as she exits, making her way towards the aforementioned place. One vehicle could be spotted in the area, she kicks her feet into motion and approaches the vehicle, the driver motions her to get inside and hands her a package along with a note. She steps out and proceeds to open the note, the note stated an address and had a key inside it. She hid the key and went to the address with the package, she was very scared and unpleasant, but she did what she had to do. She spots the apartment and knocks on the door, the door suddenly opens, leaving a small gap only, she hands the package over to an extended hand, and a note is dropped her way. The note stated another address, leading to a PO box. She went there and used the key to open the box, she found several hundreds of dollars to pay for her needs. She returned home happily and kept taking care of her beloved son, Efim.


Years have passed and Efim has grown, he's around thirteen now. Efim did not go to school, he used to work at any place his mum could get him in-order to support their financial status. On the other hand, his mum still used to do these jobs for the unknown people she worked for, and lived their way on that path, disregarding all the danger and risk she could get involved in. Suddenly one day, Efim's mother did not return on time as she was supposed to, the same man entered the apartment and informed him that his mother had passed way during her job. Efim's life since then changed, she was his only inspiration and his only hope in this life. Efim had no choice but to follow his mother's path, he used to work his living by doing dangerous jobs by transporting drugs, until one day, he decided to do a very dumb act by attempting to scam in a deal. He got a bounty on his head, but he had enough money to leave the country, which then he moved to San Andreas, hoping to find a fresh start there.



(( Kinda rushed the last part as I stopped writing at one point, generally busy with real-life priorities, will be updated soon with more details and a less cancerous-version. ))

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