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1990 Nissan Pulsar GTi-R

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Los Santos Auction House - Vehicle


Year: 1990

Make: Nissan
Model: Pulsar GTi-R
Mileage: N/A

a great nissan pulsar for sale, it drives very well and it has an SR20 that is very tuning happy. It has around 270 horses and it's pretty fast! It has been an iconic Japanese car because of it's engine!



((black Flash))


Starting Bid: 10 grands.
Minimum Increase: 1 grand.
Buyout 35 grands.

Auction ends: 10/13/2017
Contact Information: will be given to the new owner.


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busty ass nigga just bought this car and now is selling it 

now busty ass is disabling comments come on paki

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8 hours ago, Rinkk said:

bid: 20,000



17 hours ago, Renegade said:

Name: Private

Bid: starting (10k)

u got outbid m8, try again i want money pls.

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17 hours ago, Weiga said:

((my character that has this auction up just got cked, so ok))

 [English] Annie Knox says: I'm gay.

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