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SANE | My visit to "Tobuku Sportland" drift track!

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Impressive tour around the track, quite nice cars and more!


** Tobuku Sportland Drifting Track**




Blueberry Acres, Red County

San Andreas Network Entertainment

Drifting is a driving technique which was found and popularized in Japan by Kunimitsu Takahashi in the 1970s. Basically, the driver intentionally oversteers in either directions with loss of traction in the rear wheels or in all tires, while controling and driving the car through a corner. Car drifting is caused when the rear slip angle is greater than the front slip angle. This has been the basis for motor sport over the centuries. Grip, control levels, sophisticated anti-lock, slip differentials and suspension systems have increased over the years to the point that even a bad driver can take a corner in a drifty style quickly and the car will travel in the required direction in a controlled manner without sliding.


Over 75% of San Andreas' population are obsessed with cars and how fast they are, and the percentage is in increase day after day. That's one of the main reasons I have found a good number of people at the drifting track I have visited yesterday afternoon which is located at Blueberry Acres, exactly at the old factory yard there. As most of you all know, there are a bunch of ricers driving our city who are considered as a dangerous threat to our community due to their reckless driving and the bad customizations done on their cars. I personally thought I would find some of them at that track when I started thinking about the event on my way there, but I was surprised when I found literally no ricer there, but real professional drifters. I managed to take few snaps, from a not-bad spots due to the safety precautions the track managers are enforcing on all spectators.

**An album would be attached below, containing multiple photos.**













It was a quite fun event, to be honest. A lot of Nissan's actually, too many models and all of them were looking so nice with all those wraps and rims. The assosciation hosts this event quite regularly as stated by Mr. Eric Martini, the President and General Manager of the track. "Our target is once a week. We try to stay as active as circumstances give out." says Mr. Martini when he was asked about the activity of the track before he added: "At the end of the day, the people who work here have day jobs, which eventually leads up to this being an evening to night thingy."

I then moved on to speak with Mr. Martini about the issues they face every week at the track, before he replied with: "Most of the issues that we face are due to foul behaviour or some sort of other grieffing. Other than that, we have designed this facility so that any possible problem can be minimized." Mister Martini was more than happy to tell me about these issues and the ways the Managers took to minimize these risks. "Well, all the access routes to the pitlane and track have been carefully set, so the traffic is streamlined as possible and any risk factors are minimized. Risk factors being the moving cars that is." He also mentioned one of the very known issues any drifting track will most likely face during an event, which was the unintentional collisions and accidents, before he told me about the precautions they have taken, "Tracks have good off-zones for crashes and we have a wreckage clearance unit always on hand in case we get debris on the circuit. All sorts of disturbances to the driving itself are a risk factor. So if we spot one, we stop the action for a bit in order to continue safely." This honestly left me impressed with the ways they have designed the track and the safety precautions they are taking to ensure everybody is enjoying their times and be safe already. "Indeed, it is a requirement for safe environment to practice this sport." replies Mister Martini when I praised his efforts.

And finally, I asked him a question that most of the people who are reading this need to know, which was the expected standards from the drifters. He said: "Anyone can come here as long as their vehicle is able to perform drifting and they own approriate full-face covering helmet." before I decided to leave and not to waste more of Mister Martini's time.


The visit I gave to the track was quite fun and interesting. What also impressed me was that, the track supervisors ordered a guy, who was trying go for a run in the track before he went on smashing his car to the wall and even other participants! This, of course, will get their lives in danger, thus he was ordered to leave the track immediately.

 I would like to thank Mister Erin Martini along with his Supervisors for their efforts and showing me around the track, also for the run! Best of luck with keeping up this place and sport alive, keep up the good work. I'll do my best to be there every week, and hope to see everybody else there!

Stay safe, have a good day.

About the Author

John Stars is a news reporter and journalist with the San Andreas Network, with recent employment at San Andreas Network under the new management and a previous news reporter at BBC News.





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