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[ADVERTISEMENT] Modified Toyota Supra giveaway!

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Always wanted an amazing modifed Toyota Supra that? Well now is your chance to win it!

Want to drive like a maniac or simply want to crush it, who cares! 

There will be a draw from 1 to 50, there's only one number for each person, so that means there will be 50 contesters. Once the number is taken you can't change it.


Ending date:

You can participate until the 17th of October (Till every number has been taken) and after that a random number will be drawn.

The winner will be notified and given the vehicle.


How to enter: 

Enter with your name and number. 

(Name: John Doe 

Number: 1/50)


Numbers available/taken:






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Name: Mr. Whip Junk Shop
Number: 5

((I'm not sure if there are really 30 contestants or 50 since the number to be chosen is 1-50. I'll just play safe, changed 42 to 5. Thanks))

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