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Business - #1 Fourth Street

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Los Santos Auction House - Business




Property Type: Business
Address: #1 Fourth Street
Description: A nice garage located in Blueberry is for sale!

*Fenced area.
*Living/office quarter.
*Automatic,electronical gate.
*Various CCTV's and Other security equipment.
*Lights on the entrance.
*Fire safety installations.
*Vehicle lift.

A perfect condition garage is on auction. The garage can be used for personal reasons,or to open up a business. The garage is located in a remote area in Blueberry,just next to the Sportsland Tobuku Drift Track. Would love to keep it but highly in need of cash due to change of plans. Originally was planning to open up a business. The garage can store up to 5-6 vehicles. Various safety equipment installed by a professional. A big area on its own with huge potential. Possible to have a chilling area behind the roof,outside and gather up your friends for some BBQ or other activities that you might enjoy. Loads of parking space outside the garage withing the fenced area.


Exterior Images:

Interior Images:

Starting Bid: $40.000
Minimum Increase: $1.000
Buyout: $80.000
Auction ends: 09/10/17 15:00 or if BuyOut is reached.
Contact Information: Will be given to the auction winner.

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