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Business - Verdant Autoworks, Pacific Avenue ZIP 3606 Ocean Docks

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Los Santos Auction House - Business


Property Type: Business
Address: Verdant Autoworks, Pacific Avenue ZIP 3606 Ocean Docks



Are you fed up of having no more room to keep all your cars? Is the Wife complaining even though you tell her it’s a project and it’ll be worth the time?

Instead of a divorce where let’s be honest you’ll probably lose most your things, buy this garage instead. You can store all your cars on the expansive top floor as a showroom, whilst either opening a mechanic business or using the space to fill your needs. You can even renovate and create your own ‘get away’ area. There’s also a large meeting room where you can roll around on the chairs being the ‘boss.’
On a serious note, this building is a mechanics dream. It has separate bays for cars, alongside plenty of room to store all those tools and ricer modifications *cough* apologises I mean awesomely cool modifications.

The only reason for selling is the fact I’ve now decided I’m scared of large spaces and rather not feel like I’m in a Tardis. (Trust me this place is huge, I’ve already had employees get lost)

Happy bidding!

Exterior Images:

Interior Images:

Starting Bid: 250,000
Minimum Increase: 5,000
Buyout: N/A
Auction ends: 13th October 2017, 5pm (UTC+00:00)
Contact Information: Contact Information will be given to the Winner at the end of the Auction.

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