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OwlGaming Game Night #2

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Community Game Night - October 8th, 2017


Hello, this Sunday, the upper administration team are organizing a game night for the community.


During this game night, players will be invited to an online lobby of Grand Theft Auto 5 where everyone will participate in races, deathmatches, last team standing, adversary game modes and other mini games which are accessible in the free roam challenges.


This event is planned to start 8th October, around 17:00/18:00 server time. We hope that the majority of the community are able to attend at this time. See you all on TeamSpeak!



- OwlGaming Upper Administration Team

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16 minutes ago, OhhPixelz said:

I had a laugh, will look forward to doing more GTA V game nights, get loads of maps queued up and hopefully have a lot more people.



Make sure to check maps beforehand for the next time, so it doesn't get as annoying as it did with a couple of maps.

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