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NY Times | San Andreas Today: Los Santos's Emergency Bus. Ambitious plans set out for SAPT

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     4th of October, 2017


San Andreas Today: Los Santos's Emergency Bus. Ambitious plans set out for SAPT



Los Santos County Public Transport Commissioner Tim Cassidy poses in front of a training bus at the Public Works depot.


LOS SANTOS – Are the current public transport options in Los Santos good enough? Tim Cassidy, Commissioner of Public Transport in the Los Santos County Government, doesn't seem to think so. That seems to be the reason why he's spearheading the new "SAPT" county government project which seeks to revitialise the public transport options within city. 


But his vision goes beyond merely providing a regular bus service for the city. Within his plans is the "TransSecure program" a unique emergency service that has SAPT bus drivers pick up those in need who call for help, free of charge.


"What the "TransSecure" program is, is a way for our operators to provide assistance to those in distress. Our operators will drop the people off right at their door step, if they are in danger, whether it be from a domestic situation or they have been assaulted, or something similar". - Tim Cassidy


While the system will operate completely independently from the Los Santos Police Department according to the Commissioner's current plans, Tim shared with us that he envisions the SAPT collaborating with the Los Santos Police Department in situations where it would be required.


"If an assault has occurred, of course the operators would contact the LSPD to report it."  - Tim Cassidy


The "TransSecure" plan adds a new dimension to what Los Santos citizens may have once considered as little more than welcomed upgrade to the city's undeveloped public transport options. It would appear the SAPT project encompasses more than just A to B transport.


"In the event of an emergency sistuation or natural disaster, we will provide a bus to allow victims of say, a fire, to be able to have a shelter until they can be returned home or if need be, taken to a shelter." - Tim Cassidy



Public Works depot, the home of the new fleet of SAPT'S busses.


However, despite it's unique quirks, it is still a regular bus service too. Currently, there are two finalised bus routes. One that will cover the East of Los Santos and another for the West. Further details of these routes will be released as we near the service launch date, "on or around the 15th of October".


The fleet will be composed of four diesel busses purchased for a total of "just under $300,000". Electric options were considered but dismissed on the grounds that "we don't have the proper charging stations in the county, so it wouldn't be cost effective". 


San Andreas Today is a new feature covering goings on in San Andreas. Tell us what you want to see covered: SAtoday@nytimes.com (( @Mail )).


The San Andreas Today columnist, Jessica Law, is a New York native. She currently resides in Los Santos, San Andreas.





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(( I recall SAPT attempting to make this worth the attempt in the past but due to the player's attention aimed towards vehicle's and no Passive RP, it was eventually stopped. Wishing the current kick-starter the best of luck - would love to work for SAPT again :)! #RevivePassiveRP. ))

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