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[General] - Injuries line in /look

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Script Suggestion


What would be the name of the script(s)?-

Injuries line in /look

What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?-

What is the suggestion?-

Since from my knowledge /injury is either rendered useless nowadays, or is only limited to players situated in the medical factions who have access to it only for appropriate roleplay scenarios, I'm suggesting we have a standard player alternative in the /look GUI which I can imagine is easy enough to add onto.


Minor injuries or disfigurements have always been awkward to portray, you have to admit that having a /status as the only option to present your injuries or disfigurements is pathetic and rather intrusive as you walk around with a bar above your head. This area of passive roleplay is very important, and focally is the staple of many different roleplay scenarios and backstories so why can't we have a simple addition that supports less use of the /status command which I personally feel we need less of?

What are the advantages?-


  • Less unnecessary use of /status.
  • Supports passive roleplay, opening up for more creative roleplay scenarios.
  • Potentially injects medical factions with more roleplay.
  • More incentive for players to roleplay injuries or disfigurements.
  • Interesting backstories, i.e Veteran with one leg.


What are the disadvantages?-


  • Unrealistic injuries or disfigurements.

Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?-

How would you go about implementing this idea?-
@Bum is a solid scripter, he can probably teach @Chaos how to do it.



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33 minutes ago, Chaos said:

Most of this can already be included in the /look by adding a description of the characters appearance.

/look is getting crowded I'm not sure we should be adding another category :P 

Amount of characters you can put into the various categories are limited though so while you're fleshing out the necessities of your character, the more temporary injuries are usually left out in order to make room for the vital parts of the descriptions. If there is an alternate way to present injuries or disfigurements then fandabidozy freds your uncle, but I just thought an addition to /look would be ten times easier from a scripters perspective.

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I think Injuries can just be added in the physical appearance part of /look if people wish to input it. Adding another category would make it too crowded. Plus I've found now many people use /look which leads to things being missed out.  (I agree with what you say regarding using a status, but it at least gets people roleplaying that person's injuries especially those who don't use the /look)

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